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A Review of 200 Cash

"200 Cash: A Book That Makes You Richer by Doing What It Really Takes to Make Money," by Markham Roberts is a guide to investing in the stock market. It was published in 2021 and is a quick read with lots of advice on how to pick stocks and how to make money in real estate. While there are a lot of good tips and advice, the book contains some questionable practices, such as its claim that you can triple your investments in three months. This article uncovers the reasons why this claim is misleading.

200 Cash does provide some excellent advice on how to pick a stock or mutual fund, and it provides an excellent glossary of stock terms. There are an index of stock market terms and a glossary of stock terms. But it goes further than just presenting a stock selection tool. The book also goes into the nitty-gritty of stock investing and provides a thorough explanation of leverage and other technical terms not familiar to most people.

What 200 Cash does that no other book has done is offer an explanation for maximizing profits in real estate. After discussing the topic of cost of capital, the book goes into the topic of profit and loss. The author claims that the most important factor in determining whether a stock will make it to the top of a capital stock index is the cost of that stock per share. If a company's cost of capital is too low, investors will avoid it. However, if the cost of capital is too high, savvy investors can ride out a downturn and make a profit.

However, 200 Cash goes beyond simple cost per share analysis to explain why certain investments are more likely to produce positive results than others. The book spends some time explaining the relationship between a company's management and its stock price. Much of the information provided is highly technical and would not be useful to someone uninterested in the exciting world of real estate investing. The book does end with a glossary and index of real estate terms.

Much of the information provided in 200 Cash is highly valuable. However, some of the material in this book is outdated. For example, while the discussion of financial statements is appropriate for the accountant reading the book, most investors have no way of checking to see if the statements presented are accurate. It is easy to check a current financial statement and make sure the numbers are correct. However, real estate investment requires the appraiser to do a thorough job and get the numbers right.

200 Cash does provide some excellent material for someone interested in real estate investment. However, the book review recommends that readers who would like to learn more about real estate investment read another book by the author, Money Makers: How Anyone Can Build Wealth and Fortune at Home (Foreclosure Guide Press, 2021). While the information provided in this book may be useful to those just getting started, it is probably best to follow the advice of the author, Sam Vuksan, when it comes to complex concepts and advanced planning. This book provides an introduction to real estate financing and examples of using the equity capital markets.

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